Work In Progress / [LOCKED] The Cogwheel Chronicles: Volume 1 Mechastica

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Posted: 16th May 2020 14:48
It is a shame, but completely understandable. The things you have accomplished and passed down to the community have help me and others. Great work and the best of luck in your unreal adventure.

Thread locked at OP's request.
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Posted: 16th May 2020 21:30
Just wanted to add my appreciation for all you have done for the Community as well. Good luck in Unreal; I know you will make something special.
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Posted: 18th May 2020 00:25 Edited at: 18th May 2020 00:26
I would like to second both Myke's and Keith's sentiments.
Its a real shame for Gogwheel Chronicles as well as it had become something of a flagship game for GameGuru and the Community.
Good Luck with your future projects.
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