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Posted: 13th Sep 2023 13:48
Hey guys, its been years since I worked on my GG Classic Project and I want to improve It, especially game crashing. Whats The best way to do It: migrate Project files from Classic to Max, or use The Classic current version?

I tried The Classic current version but got a Green screen on standalone level change.

Thx in advance
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Posted: 1st Nov 2023 23:31
Max is not backwards compatible with classic. Using the latest update of either is the best you can do tech wise though.
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Posted: 22nd Nov 2023 04:06
As for whether to migrate your project files to Max or stick with Classic, that ultimately depends on your goals and preferences. Max offers improved performance and new features, but it also requires more powerful hardware and may have a steeper learning curve if you're used to Classic. If you're comfortable with Classic and don't need the additional features of Max, you may want to stick with what you know.

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