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Posted: 5th Nov 2021 17:09 Edited at: 5th Nov 2021 17:31
I have been giving the AI a Test Drive in Max and thought you would like to see the results so far.
The model I am using is my own take on a Warehouse Layout which has been updated to include Lower rooms and Steps which the AI seem to handle very well now. The test was to see how well the AI can traverse the layout and hunt me down so im just running around trying to lose them.

I have attached the Updated model below if you wish to download it and try yourself.
No need to Import.
Simply copy the folder to \ GameGuruApps \ GameGuruMAX \ Files \ entitybank \ and select it from the editor.

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Posted: 5th Nov 2021 18:43
@ synchromesh
Ty mate for sharing it
I gonna test indoors and soldier behavior with your warehouse2 asap.
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Posted: 5th Nov 2021 18:57
@synchromesh: having a test now, thanks for sharing. getting up to date with GG Max
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Posted: 10th Nov 2021 17:31
Why do all the aiming animations in the new characters look like the npc's are trying to balance a balloon on their nose?
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