Scripts / FOV Slider in-game - how to remember setting?

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Posted: 2nd Mar 2021 17:16
Is it possible to have the game remember the FOV setting players set the slider to? Currently it resets upon game load or file load
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Posted: 5th Mar 2021 00:09
I wrote a chunk of code to test it, basically, play with g_PlayerFOV and with GetGamePlayerStateCameraFov(), although is the last one you are looking for, I guess.
Change fov values via tab-tab and see the values changing in realtime in the prompt.
Just pass this value to a var and play with it.

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Posted: 5th Mar 2021 06:40
Yes anything is possible with lua, just save the setting to a file and read back in. is your bible
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Posted: 19th Apr 2021 00:01 Edited at: 21st Apr 2021 23:34
Even better a benchmark tool so I don't have to keep fiddling around the settings during the starting of the game.

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