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I come to present SAS offensive attack with a cs: go style game but with its differences that make it a completely different game, differences where the helmet and the vest are seen on the screen making the helmet for example see the dirty plastic of a police helmet or the glasses of a military man. where this game S.A.S offensive attack for now aims to have much more variations to gameplay levels as the same levels of the game. having a great variety of levels and scenarios, such as rain, storms, , days, cloudy days, sandstorm, and many more places. As you can see in the images that I am going to show, the levels are designed so that they have a balance and that it is fun at the same time, these maps were very thought and worked, although these maps are still in beta, as there may be textures not very good in certain parts or any bug that can be solved, here 2 levels that are already finished in what comes to do its beta phase.
a map level view first and then how it will look in gameplay.



As you can see, the 3 maps that I show are the ones that are the most finished so far, there are more but they need to finish certain areas or try a little more to those maps, except for the ones that are already tested so that they are fun and balanced maps.
As you know I use gameguru in the future I plan to switch to gameguru max when it comes out with its system, which has improved a lot and also in other aspects. But I am not an expert programmer, if I know how to do certain things but not others, and this project would be good if it ends up as a good game, there are better and better games in gameguru and gameguru max and more people to develop seeing the results there are on these graphics engines.
What I am asking or am asking is people who can and want to collaborate so that this game comes to light, they can talk to me from, I gmail that is, and we put together a group of dissenters for everyone who wants to participate, note that the game is free, so everyone who wants to participate will not be paid since I am not a person who has a lot of money or excess money. Then those who participate to advance the game will have access to the maps of the games, they will help develop them, they will make the missing scripts and if the game comes out, they will also make some adjustments to the exit of the game, let's be a team. Thank you for reading,

Game: offensive attack S.A.S
person who is currently developing it or author: Reamlsss.


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