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Posted: 2nd Jan 2020 12:17
Hi All,

Happy New Year to everyone in our amazing GameGuru community! I believe we have an incredible year ahead of us, with so many COOL things on the near and far horizons. I will be revealing all in the weeks and months to come, but for today I want to send out a feeler for anyone in our community with skills at code debugging, and who is looking for a month of freelance work, to contact me directly at As per our pledge at the end of 2019, we have replaced the donations system with a policy to hire coders internally from the TGC coffers to accelerate development in specific areas. We have a specific area in mind, and so all interested coders should contact me before the 5th of January and I can reveal more about our plan of action. 2020 is going to be one monster of a ride!
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Posted: 2nd Jan 2020 12:34
@Lee sounds good ,unfortunately I'm in a contract which most likely will get renewed middle of Feb 2020 so I probably wouldn't have time.
Looking forward to seeing what comes to fruition for GameGuru in the coming months.
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