Virtual Reality / What do you guys think about Nreal's new SDK?

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Posted: 23rd Jul 2019 08:52
What do you guys think about Nreal's new SDK?

hey guys, Nreal just launched their NRSDK for mixed reality and compatible on platforms such as Android, Unreal Engine and Unity at - what do you guys think?
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Posted: 21st Aug 2019 12:33
The highly anticipated beta SDK from Nreal is finally giving developers a head start in building new applications that enable developers to port a mixed reality environment to their existing apps on the market or build completely new applications for Nreal Light.
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Posted: 4th Sep 2019 21:49
omg , virtual reality has been here for decades now, nothing new......... seen that done that got the T-shirt ha....
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Quote: "seen that done that got the T-shirt ha...."

And read the book

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