Multiplayer / Running from Search lights aint EZ

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Posted: 21st May 2019 01:41
In anticipation of hopefully a new stand alone MP platform coming our way I'm back to making maps! I try to keep everything static but hope little animations like this will work in MP! Would be nice to see.....Plus after researching any type of decent search light tweaks this is the best I can come up with! Still I think this would make a great MP map for Run & Gun (trying to do a gorilla military base thing here).... enjoy!

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Posted: 21st May 2019 20:20
I like it, good work.
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Posted: 22nd May 2019 01:01
That looks brilliant .. Great work
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Posted: 5th Jun 2019 21:58
Very nice, i like it.
it let me long for Farcry2 multiplayer maps. lol,

to bad one cant pull in a farcry2 map , i have soooo many of them.
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