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Posted: 19th Nov 2018 11:32
Compressonator is a set of tools to allow artists and developers to more easily create compressed texture image assets and easily visualize the quality impact of various compression technologies. It consists of a GUI application, a command line application and an SDK for easy integration into a developer tool chain.

This allow dds compression with BC6 and BC7 formatting.

This can be obtained here:

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Posted: 19th Nov 2018 11:43
Thanks Myke , I have been using the BC7 compression for a while now just for personal testing I have not released any assets with it even thought it now works perfectly in GG with DX11 shaders, the colours are much closer to the original design in Quixel near on perfect tbh, I did make a post about it a while ago but it did not get any momentum.

This app you have posted is brilliant, it will allow me to test further
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Posted: 19th Nov 2018 12:16
wow, great thanks for this Myke
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Posted: 19th Nov 2018 12:26
Will be looking into this for sure

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