Feature Creep / turn based tactical combat system. script or tutorial video set

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Posted: 18th Sep 2018 23:53
Ive had a few ideas and some ambition to reboot some of the older dungeon crawl D&D type games useing the retro 3rd person almost top down perspective, and a turn based tactical combat system similar to that of the newer X-com's, Wasteland 2, and the Shadowrun computer games. The suggestion i propose is a ready to implement script with triggering location markers and text options for combat. an alternative would be a step by step how-to guide for how to script a system like this in Lua. i know its a tall order and as im a total noob to all of this its an even more daunting task. I thank you for your time and consideration.
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Posted: 19th Sep 2018 09:58 Edited at: 19th Sep 2018 10:00
Something like this?


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Posted: 20th Sep 2018 19:26
Ive seen that mod however thats not what i had in mind. ive added a few links of combat footage from the above games i mentioned. note the individual movement, actions, useage of cover and items.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euM9NNR9IQ8 Shadowrun returns
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYjH7BTktgY Xcom combat starts about 4 min in.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeD-rLBErSI&t=56s Wasteland 2
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3uk1VtwEiM divinity original sin 2 (longer video)

ill admit what im looking for dosent have to be as intricate as xcom's cut scene and bullet time or wasteland's call your shot for effect and open world random encounters. id honestly be ok with a mimic of shadowrun's combat system (keep in mind there are 5 or 6 shadowrun games all the same combat but some refinement to the menus and skill trees) i added the video for divinity as an example of extremes. it has very high rateings already and people like the combat system. and being along the lines of what id like to do it seemed a fitting example. hope this cleared up some of the confusion of my request.
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Posted: 21st Sep 2018 22:30 Edited at: 21st Sep 2018 22:34
yep, i did some turn based combat back before we even had control of the camera (edit; yes it really is terrible but that was made in like 3 days back in 2015 so definitely not triple A ) - i imagine it's quite easy to do nowadays as we have so much extra control
mine didn't delve into cover or fancy skills but there's no reason you can't script that too.
i'm not sure i've seen anything else like it attempted yet but it's definitely possible, you just have to script it yourself (though the AI will do the pathfinding for you so it really isn't that difficult).

it's certainly not an 'out of the box' feature and i doubt it will be for quite some time though, definitely going to need to learn to script yourself
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Posted: 25th Sep 2018 10:32
@smallg that is very much like what im looking for. on the down side to everything however.... i am a total newblet when it comes to anything scripting and coding (or anything related to actually making a game including 3d sculpting.) i wanted to get into programing after my physical health started failing as a way to possibly change careers. (also not going so well) do you have any recommendations, both learning lua from scratch at home and for how to go about setting up a turn based system like you did for your Skeleton Wars project that can be used as a base structure to expand on?

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