Feature Creep / Better Dynamic Range

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Posted: 9th Nov 2017 03:52
For me thinks like game programing is a new reality , in the other and i am used to deal with things like aesthetics and color and user interface communications.
I am not trying to be the smart guy , just trying to show my point of view and an approach to the subject of improving the GG engine.
So one of the things that i like to view in the new engine it is the Color and light dynamic range improvements .
I notice that the engine right now is probably the equivalent to 5 to 8 stops in dynamic range scale , and that causes the clipping in highlights when we are playing with ambient light and sun surface reflecting light , only a little bit in the sliders and the ground sand starts to reflecting light like a mirror.

The possibility of somehow use LUT or similar process would be nice also.
Master Effects does already an super high-end excellent job in GameGuru engine final art visuals , and we do not need to put GG like ACES color space film industry, but more is never enough.

Resuming, Dynamic Range is the thing that probably will put GG in the top of the list for visual success
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Posted: 9th Nov 2017 21:17
get reshade, package with your game. i have it and have LUT, vibrance, sharpening, lense flare, and a bunch of stuff GG is not otherwise capable of. it costs fps the more effects you pack on but i found a pretty happy medium
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Posted: 10th Nov 2017 12:04
It would be awesome to have the same effects as reshade in GG out of the box, without having to use third party effects.

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