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Posted: 11th Oct 2017 23:05 Edited at: 11th Oct 2017 23:10
I have created 20 spawnpoints that can be used together with the gameguru spawnpoint.
You can place any of the 20 spawnpoints just not more than one of the same.
You must place the spawnpointmain for the spawnpoints to work.
The spawnpoints will respawn you at random if you die unless you use one of the triggerzone scripts included that makes you spawn in order starting from the gameguru spawnpoint to the highest number spawnpoint. There is also included triggerzone scripts that when triggered make you spawn only at the spawnpoint that is linked with the triggerzone script.

The 20 Transport points also use the above mentioned spawnpoints for the transport.
You do not need to use the spawnpointmain if you only place spawnpoints that will be used as transport points.
If you are going to use the spawnpoints as transport points then for each point you need to place a trigger zone with the transport script that matches the spawnpoint.

You can use the transfer and spawn points both at the same time if you want as long as the needed spawnpointmain and transport trigger zones are present.

There is more detailed information in the README file in the rar file.

Below is 2 pictures explaining more about the points.

If you want to use a transport trigger zone more than once then remove the Destroy(e) function in the transport trigger zone script.

Also feel free to modify the scripts to fit your needs.


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Posted: 12th Oct 2017 03:19
Nice work!
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Posted: 12th Oct 2017 11:50
Cool thank you .


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Posted: 12th Oct 2017 14:47
Nice job felicitations!!!!!!!!!!!!
The game is a serious thing (El juego es una cosa seria)
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Posted: 12th Oct 2017 18:46
Smashing. thank you very much!!
its like deja-vu, but all over again, again
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Posted: 12th Oct 2017 19:04
this is actually an awesome idea! thanks.
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Posted: 13th Oct 2017 11:33
Very nice. Just what i want
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