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Posted: 12th May 2024 00:01
Hallo GameGuru Team,

it would be awesome if you could develop and integrate a similar feature like Unreal Engine`s Nanite. With it we would be able to create much denser game atmospheres with many more polygons. Is there a chance that we can expect such a move? That would be a really huge step into a whole world full of new possibilities and games with an atmosphere like for example the METRO games.

A bridge or pipeline to features like an asset library similar to Megascans would also be great.
Something like:

This would allow you to reach completely new heights and I think there would be whole masses of new interested buyers of your already good software.

So or so I wish you the very best, I love your software and that you offer us a way to create games even with our mostly Noob experience. The only thing I wish would be that our games would get a chance and the tools to look a little bit more up to date, but I`m sure you`ll do the trick one day because you`re awesome.

Kind regards, Andy

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Posted: 25th May 2024 16:04
Post this here:
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