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Posted: 4th Dec 2023 16:57
Is it possible to change the direction the door behavior opens a door, if I want the door to open outwards/inwards?

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Posted: 5th Dec 2023 11:53
I dont think so no but you could use the object_ mover to push a door inwards.
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Posted: 5th Dec 2023 17:07 Edited at: 5th Dec 2023 17:08
Isn't that just the door's animation? You might be limited if that's the case. I don't think the scripts/behaviors are actually rotating the doors to open and close, but just playing the doors open and close animation within the model itself. Correct me if I'm wrong, I've not looked at the script or the model.

If you rotate the door model in Max however it will switch it from inward to outward or vice-versa. Select the door and rotate it 180 degrees.

But if you want the inward/outward opening to change via a script, I think that will largely depend on the actual door model animations (if it's not being rotated by a script).
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