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Posted: 5th Oct 2023 08:33 Edited at: 19th Nov 2023 18:09
Hey everyone,

I've downloaded the FPSC cartoon model pack and was looking into getting the characters animated for Game Guru Classic, but wondered why they hadn't been yet, or if they had, but I haven't seen them. Was there a problem with the commercial rights or something like that, or was it just that it's a lot of work and people weren't so worried about rigging these characters? I downloaded Fragmotion yesterday and it looked possible to make Goblin1 move, so I was about to make a start editing the .fpe file for those, but then wondered if it was a good idea or not. I'll post the .fpe files here once they're updated, so the community can use them, but if it's the case that they're not legally available, I won't take my time doing that and spend it making games with other assets instead. Sorry it's a bit of a long, meandering message, but wanted to mention all the details.

I think I got the models from the Game Creator github bank before, but can't find them there now. This link has them though, and some others:

Ah, here's the Github link:

It states, "Those artists have generously agreed to release their packs for free as part of this open source project." I've seen other posts where it's been noted that the artists still need to be consulted if we want to use their material (which is fair enough), so I'm cautious about just going ahead and re-animating them without the right people's consent, or just repeating the job if it's already been done.

Might also try to do the Science Pack characters and School characters as well, if they're also possible. Anyone know more about this area? Don't want to step on anyone's toes or use assets that aren't legally available or anything like that, but just want to get stuck in to using these awesome assets in some games.

*edit (19.11.23) I've been tinkering around with the settings, and have got the character's idle and attack animations working for Goblin1, but still can't quite get my head around which animations apply to which action for everything like dying and being attacked. Think there's a list somewhere, but need to dig it out again. Didn't want to double post, which is why I'm editing this one. Will post any updates as and when I've got any solid developments.
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Posted: 24th Nov 2023 18:34
If you download the free Steam GGC Expansion you will receive the Science Pack characters as well. I don't recall if they are rigged for weapons but you can assign them walk paths.
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