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Joined: 22nd Sep 2023
Posted: 22nd Sep 2023 06:02
Hi Guys,

Love this product although it seems to be riddled with bugs at every turn.

I'm trying to piece together my first level and have followed the Max_Quest_Guide.pdf provided as well as have followed this video ( but still the quest will not work and when I go back to the quest giver who is also the quest receiver it just plays the initial sound clip of her giving the quest.

I did exactly as both the guide and tutorial showed and it still is not working.

I have attached the setup so everyone can see and perhaps point out where I have gone wrong.

I've having a few other issues but will trouble shoot them more before posting.


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Posted: 22nd Sep 2023 23:48
@WhoDatBoy Not sure if this will help, but in the first box in your screenshot, Have you tried unchecking the "use sound variants" box and tried testing like that?
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Posted: 23rd Sep 2023 10:31
Hi there
Please post issues on the Github Repository with as much info as possible so they can reproduce the problem.
They will not get seen here by the Dev Team.

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