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Posted: 29th Mar 2023 16:51
All the conversation drivers I have seen were hard coded and could only be used by one NPC. I have been working on a conversation driver that can use an external file for each NPC. This is by no means complete and is still a work in progress. I wanted to show this to get feedback and others to get an idea of what can be done with it. I hope to get a lot of ideas and see what others can see the idea and built on it possibly. Consider it free to update and modify. I look forward to seeing what ideas others have.

To use place the two images into the user file of the imagebank, the burt.txt file in a databank user file, and put the script to an NPC named Burt. Can create another txt conversation to any other NPC just match the .txt file to the NPC name and run the same script on that NPC.


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