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Posted: 15th Mar 2023 12:46 Edited at: 16th Mar 2023 17:06
Hello there!

First post here. This is a draft of something that maybe one day become a game. I dont want make another shooter zombie game. I'll try something between Silent Hill and Classic Resident Evil.... those classic puzzle horror vibe from ps1 era. I'm not a developer,[so please be kind ] but always wanted to make a full game. I had some mobile games, but not great projects. I finded Gameguru on youtube weeks ago and spend about 80 hours studing and reading tutorials here on forum. Now i'm putting some assests togheter. There's nothing new, you all know those assets, but I'll try made something good with them.

The U.S.P ( Under Secrets Projects ) will be divided in 3 games . Each game will revealing the secrets behind the story. Here a small preview of the ambience. Later I'll bring news.

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