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Posted: 12th Mar 2023 22:19 Edited at: 14th Mar 2023 07:10

Genre/ Scifi Fps shooter
Developer/ Casper Forever Digital

Mantis Corporation is set in a far away Galaxy in the Perseus Nebula in the year 2082 after the battle of Earth Anthropocene Epoch. Which takes you on the character role of Kas who destroyed a Mantis planet to save earth and was found floating in a Mantis attack ship by a corporate cargo hauler. He was then put in cryo and has been since in cryo chamber sleep.

He is then awakened by order's of the Captain Capt. Ajexs to be debriefed about the situation on Mantis planet and how Kas came about destroying it. You find out Human's have found a new home called Avalan Planet which is three times the size of Earth and
homes most of the population that survived. Although most colonies moved on to other solar system's to find new homes.

Are understanding of advanced technology has changed as well with the discovery of worm hole tech to make going to each solar system alot faster. Commercial and industrial asteroid mining has become a mecca and a laborers dream while you can find rare
crystals and make fortune's. Thing's have gone by so fast I am now a commander of my own fleet through Mantis Corporation, it was established to keep peace around the universe and help all that can't defend themselves from the Mantis Species.

Our sole mission is to explore unknown solar system's and take out the enemy if needed and find new life to help or set up trade route's to expand are allies and learn their culture. We are also on a mission to find a secret weapon to destroy the Mantis
species for good but few clue's have been brought forth about the where a bout's of such a weapon. You will need to go in search for this weapon by exploring each solar system and watching out for enemies trying to stop you and helping characters
with there missions which in turn will reap rewards. (edited)

This game includes

- heavily crafted level's how many (TBA)

- Open universe concept

- Various ships you can fly with different stats as you progress

- you can enter stations including Avalan station, mining stations, research bases (Planets not included yet)

- do various story missions including side missions.

- Custom assets and characters.

- better Game play features.

I will conclude this with a Dev log video of what i have worked on so far


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Posted: 17th Mar 2023 05:20
Alright so i wanted to show you my station as i got a few screenshot to share and will explain more about the main point of the level.
The Avalan Station is a research and command civilian station the station is a neutral area and meant to serve as a starting point in the game.
You will meet with the Commander of the station to receive missions the station its self has a residential area a med bay, lounge, command deck, security and an armoury all to set you up for whats to come.

Now like i said I'm going full custom on this game so I will show off my mantis corp battle cruiser MZ1 this is the first ship of the mantis fleet and you take command of. So the time spent has been working on models as well as level design so this is just a smaller updated but ill keep you posted soon.


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