Work In Progress / FREE THE PRESIDENT - full (mini) game

operation ex tempora
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Posted: 10th Mar 2023 16:03
A last little game, a little more "accomplished" than Dark Future.

Scenario :

Year 2042
The President of Guruland has been kidnapped by Unityland guerrillas, who have stolen the source code for the President's latest game engine, the MEGA GAMEGURU MAX SUPER PLUS. The President is being held on Unity Island. You are Mike Duke, Special Forces agent from Guruland. Your mission is to free the President and retrieve the code. The future of millions of gamers depends on you!

Download link :

Video link :

Have fun.

Mike Duke
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Posted: 11th Mar 2023 20:21
Hello Mike Duke,

Thank you again for your second free little game.
I found the president.
I particularly appreciate the easiness of that game because I am a very bad shooter and I died so many times.
Returning exactly at the position where the player completely lost its health but this time with its health refilled is an advantage to make the game stressless. (it wasn't the case with your first game where I was facing a few dozens of mutants at the same position and with an empty weapon).

Great work with the landscape and with a non linear approach of the target.


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