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Posted: 25th Feb 2023 13:36 Edited at: 25th Feb 2023 13:38
Well People, after almost 4 Years of Development and many ups and downs:


But what? What game? What is this all about?

Dark Skies is a Gameguru Game (classic) - my idea of a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. inspired Game brought to life.
You play os Prochor Visinov, a hired mercenary who's on a secret mission after reports of unusual events
have been made about NEMANSK, a fictional eastern europe country.

The Game in it's final state has 18 Story Levels and 3 Bonus levels - so thats 21 levels in total.
It (currently) has 80 different Weapons. (some are scoped and silenced versions)

You will enounter lovingly handcrafted levels filled with atmosphere and a custom soundtrack scratch made by me.
The Game features the latest Gameguru Additions (by cybernescence) like LuT's, ambient occlusion, and Nice (for gg levels) Terrain.
It has a huge variety in colors and every level has its own style - but at the same time it all goes together and fits nicely.

I have hired quite a bunch of voice actors for the Game and they have been doing a great Job creating that russion ( ukrainian ) flavor.
It was very important to me that the Cast was actual ukrainians who dont natively speak english.
A big Thank you goes to them.

Dark Skies launched on January 21st 2021 in early access on steam.
I released big content updates every 2-3 months and I was able to tackle the last 4 missions during my vacation week recently.

The Game has a long story behind it.
And without the people who supported me and my project over the years, this game would have never saw the Light of Day.
so I also want to thank these People:

Wolf (emotional Support, Testing, Weapon modelling help)

C4ever08 (Testing, emotional Support)

Lafette ( for creating many 3d Models for the Game )

Avenging Eagle ( Testing and CineGuru )

BSP ( for contracted custom weapons )

smallg ( help with scripting )

AmenMoses ( help with scripting )

T-Bone ( help with scripting )

Lee Bamber ( for making GameGuru )

cybernescence ( for improving GameGuru and adding lots of nice new stuff )

Deborah Ascott-Jones
( for establishing Communication between me, the community and TGC to get gg classic 64bit and many improvements)

I probably forgot a few people down the line but as you can see, this Game is really an effort of many people of some sort.
so, thank you.

And now for the good stuff!
Check out the screenshots and play the game yourself!
The new price for the 1.0 Release is 9.99 - if you wait you will get a discount eventually.
I recently changed the pricing so I cant go on a discount for 1 month now.

Feedback and Comments highly appreciated.
Making Dark Skies was a blast, and the patch support continues.
See you in Nemansk!

- Duchenkuke



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Posted: 5th Jun 2023 15:33
I hope I can finish my YT play-through this year! There is a lot going on in this game that was really hard to do which non-gg users likely never understand

Quote: "Wolf (emotional Support"

Haha! It was a wild ride. Looking forward to your next project!

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Posted: 7th Jun 2023 07:33
Quote: "Haha! It was a wild ride. Looking forward to your next project!"

It sure was lol, a great feeling to see it finished after all the years.
Hope the next project can hold up with the quality!

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