Scripts / [SOLVED] Using a different player movement script only for a specific project?

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Posted: 28th Jan 2023 12:58
I've created my own custom player movement script, but I'd like to use it only in a specific project while keeping the default player movement system for other projects.
Does anyone know how I could achieve this?

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Posted: 28th Jan 2023 14:19
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gameplayercontrol is a global so you can simple overwrite it with your own version, i.e.:

gameplayercontrol = require "scriptbank\\yourgameplayercontrol"

As long as you do this in one of your in-game scripts it should replace the default.

I would do this with a bit of logic to ensure that regardless of timing your version will always persist, i.e. in an always active script:

local mygpc = require "scriptbank\\mygameplayercontrol"

... in _main function:

if mygpc ~= gameplayercontrol then gameplayercontrol = mygpc end

Make sure this is only present in *one* script though!
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