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Posted: 27th Jan 2023 06:25
Hi all, my current project requires that I edit several behaviour .lua scripts to achieve what I need and I save those to the ...Scriptbank/User... folder. These edited behaviours are immune to being overwitten by any updates and are reloaded into the intended entities on project load.

I also need to edit the 'gameloop.lua' script. Is there a way I can force my project to use the edited version of the 'gameloop.lua' script when initialising?
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Posted: 27th Jan 2023 12:19 Edited at: 27th Jan 2023 12:21
do the same thing with the script should work - i.e. put your version in the my documents scriptbank
it probably won't pick it up by default whenever standalones come but you could attach it to an entity just to be on the safe side
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