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Posted: 24th Jan 2023 13:13
I'm currently building with the Shanty-town collektion,and Booster Pack,Household pack,crockery.
I noticed that in the complete shanty collection almost everywhere the surface textures are missing. A surface texture is obviously wrongly named.Since none of the items claims this texture.The Rusted hangar has only one texture the albedo.Maybe that's why many items can't be set up at all?even with Sun Intensity and exposure at 100,You can only see the sun side well, the rest is extremely dark.
In the booster,houshold,crockery directory,the normal dds textures are completely missing.
I am still very insecure in these things.After some difficulties,I thought that it would be good for me to use only items of which I own all 3 textures.Even if they still work and look good,with only albedo.
If I'm right, could you upload the missing files here? In Crockery there will only be one normal dds for all things. In Shanty town, many items will also share a texture. There can't be that many.
if I'm on the wrong track and you don't need all 3 dds textures in Max, please write that. I have 2 pictures from the directories attached.Thank you for your effort

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Posted: 25th Jan 2023 09:50
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You are right, the best you can do is report it to GitHub, and provide all the related info + some pics like the above ones.
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Posted: 26th Jan 2023 07:50
Much Thx 3Com !
I think it would have been faster here. I knew this from 2 packs of gg.On steam was posted that you can pull the data here. That was also the reason for me to come to the forum at all. I don't want to open a new thread now, I have a big wish.
DDS textures are a big topic.Due to the great possibility to quickly use your own textures in Max. Through a really great video of Eye Fly (best man!!) in which he shows how to quickly create your own decals for shows where to get a tool for Gimp to create normal dds. And how to create them in gimp. So I am now able to create the missing normals myself.Unfortunately, I don't know anything about surface dds. Is it possible to create a missing surface dds with gimp or paint net? And if so, could someone make a video of it? So, normal and surface combined?I think every beginner would celebrate that. Just like I celebrated the Eye Fly video.I'll post it again here.
Thank you very much
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Posted: 26th Jan 2023 13:26 Edited at: 26th Jan 2023 13:27
Quote: "I think it would have been faster here."

Unfortunately not.
It does not get seen by the Devs or labelled as a bug to rectify.
With 2 forums, 3 discord channels the sensible thing is to have one location for all the bug reports and requests for Max.
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Posted: 26th Jan 2023 21:36
Thx synchromesh

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