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Posted: 16th Jan 2023 22:41
Hi all,

Wondering if someone could pass along some script examples that will play a sequence of animations? I have a character which I imported from the character creator where I had added sitting, standing up, and speaking hand gestures to the animations. I would like the character to stand up from a chair, then do the speaking hand gestures and finally sit down. So far I can't get any two animations to play sequentially. Not sure why the second one doesn't play immediately. I was thinking that it could perhaps be related to speed/timing or perhaps I don't understand the script execution sequence , timing or its relationship with the FPE file.

Could use some guidance....
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Posted: 28th Jan 2023 12:18
This is where the Behaviour editor come in but right now its really a Dev Tool until Lee updates it.
In fact only Lee really knows how to use it properly to create the byc file but yes you will be able to do that.

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