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Posted: 17th Oct 2022 16:12
Hi There

I wondering if it was possible to have a enemy soldier that shows at the start then using a trigger zone to not show and replace it with a zombie character in place of a enemy soldier. I think this would be cool like enemies turning into zombies.
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Posted: 17th Oct 2022 16:56
@ soundstudios
It is perfectly possible.
However for the effect to be believable you will need a zombie soldier.
To get a zombie soldier you will need the help of an LUA command that allows you to activate what is known as alt-texture and that is used to change the texture of the object or character in-game; the problem is that this feature does not yet exist in GGMax.
The way you think probably requires the soldier to enter the area, to exchange it for the zombie, which is not easy, unless you force the soldier to go through there, perhaps with a narrow tunnel or alley.
Swapping inside a tunnel can help, since the soldier would go in and the zombie would come out, obviously the zombie doesn't look anything like the soldier, so you'll still need a zombie soldier.
Ideally, the soldier will progressively turn into a zombie as the game progresses, but we still need the alt-texture.
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