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Posted: 11th Jun 2022 14:18
just wanted to see some of the best games made in game guru classic/max
i belive its a pretty good engine if you put effort into your game
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Posted: 12th Jun 2022 12:54 Edited at: 13th Jun 2022 11:02
I think the best game available is Dark Skies : The Nemansk Incident.
Its actually playable, has a wealth of custom content and decent, moody art direction. You will also see a lot of shader and environmental effects not usually available in GG and some clever scripting.

Honorable mentions on the steam platform are "Anthropocene Epoch" and "Make that Money".

If you want to see more, I have a youtube channel where I features various other GG games. LINK HERE

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Posted: 13th Jun 2022 03:50 Edited at: 13th Jun 2022 04:02
By a long mile, the most impressive and ambitious game I've seen done with GameGuru both visually and mechanically was "Space Losers" by "Dimoxiland", but I think the developer stopped working on it quite some time ago as their YT channel went silent over 3 year ago.

That is the only GameGuru project I've seen to date that I would rate an 8 or higher by Steam standards on first impressions, and is one of the rare instances where the engine's limitations are holding back the capabilities of the developer. (Dark Skies as Wolf mentioned, would be another case of this).

Dark Skies, while impressive, still suffers from GameGuru's horrendous AI and combat limitations, and the graphics do look very outdated (which again, is the engine's fault and not the developers). Space Losers addresses both of these issues by (1) creating enemies that use an entirely different AI and style of combat, and (2) use simple "cartoon"/low poly graphics which I believe the engine is best suited for.

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