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Posted: 23rd May 2022 21:10
Hello Guys, I am new in this GameGuru Classic, so I do have a question
When the enemy or player dies it seems to be in a slow-motion when both go to the floor.
So how I can make them go faster to the floor. I figure it out how I can make the player faster and all work great, but so far still trying to find the way when they die, so it will be faster that they hit the floor
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Posted: 13th Jun 2022 23:37 Edited at: 13th Jun 2022 23:37
When a character dies, it goes into ragdoll mode. This uses the physics of the engine. You won't really be able to control the nature of which the cameras fall in or the speed of it, once that process starts.

There are ways to get your characters to run animations when they die, instead of ragdoll, and some of the characters may have death animations. This is the only way that I can think of that you can control the speed at which they fall to the ground.
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