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Posted: 21st Apr 2022 17:29
in the gamemenu .lua, how would I remove these buttons:

Load Game Button
Save Game Button
Sound Button

I just need my title menu to have:
Start Button
Exit Button
About Button

I just need my pause menu to have:
Continue Button

I played around with it but the buttons are not in the correct location. The Load and Save were not visible but if you click the general area where they would be, the still work. (Load button > Load game screen, Save button > Save Game screen.

If you can help, I thank you will give ya credit in my game.


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Posted: 30th Aug 2022 19:49
If you still haven't found a solution for this, let me know and I can rewrite the script for you to do as desired.
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Posted: 31st Aug 2022 16:47
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I have created an Application just for this kind of thing, its called Menu Creator you can get it on the store.

I have put it on sale for a couple of days
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