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Posted: 10th Apr 2022 19:09
I have a wide screen monitor
The normal recommended resolution is 3440 x 1440

At this resolution certain artifacts appear squashed.
See attached screen shots

is there a fix for this?
is this being worked on ?


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Posted: 20th Apr 2022 23:25
I can confirm that this is due to a bug reported previously

The issue was closed as fixed but I still have that issue and I am on the latest March release.
Or did this not make it to the March build?
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Posted: 3rd Sep 2022 21:36 Edited at: 3rd Sep 2022 21:38
This could be related to Lua in how those sprites are being handled. Even the titlescreen backdrop is handled in Lua in the titlebank folder.

In the titlebank folder you'll see a resolutions.lua file

Here is what is partly contained within:
if i == 1 then iAvailableWidth = 1280; iAvailableHeight = 720;
elseif i == 2 then iAvailableWidth = 1280; iAvailableHeight = 800;
elseif i == 3 then iAvailableWidth = 1366; iAvailableHeight = 768;
elseif i == 4 then iAvailableWidth = 1440; iAvailableHeight = 900;
elseif i == 5 then iAvailableWidth = 1600; iAvailableHeight = 900;
elseif i == 6 then iAvailableWidth = 1680; iAvailableHeight = 1050;
elseif i == 7 then iAvailableWidth = 1920; iAvailableHeight = 1080;
elseif i == 8 then iAvailableWidth = 1920; iAvailableHeight = 1200;
else iAvailableWidth = 0

As you can see its not providing adequate support for larger monitors. You'll also notice if you open titlebank
default folder that there are a series of folders containing sprites based off of monitor resolutions. You'll most likely need to create a sprite for your backdrops for the resolution you have. But keep in mind that all the aspect ratio handling is in Lua. Which might need some adjustments too to prevent stretching.

For in game sprites that act weird (like your compass) but not your center sprite (the box in the middle) that looks like it could probably be fixed by Lua. Its probably using the "-1" trick to try to maintain proportional width and height however because your width is so extreme it thinks its squared when its not. So it will most likely need to be adjusted to accommodate conditions like this when exceeding a certain width with a not as high height.

For title screen and loading screen stuff its possible Graphix Styles might be of help if it supports those resolutions. Otherwise you may have to mess about the Lua and create your own wide sprites for the titlebank files.

Unfortunately its likely someone actually fixed this on Github, but then those changes got reverted with a future build on Github. That sometimes happens.
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