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Posted: 30th Mar 2022 10:59
Here is a quick step-by-step on how to create an executable with GameGuru MAX. We are also working on de-restricting any limits placed on standalones as part of our battle testing phase, looking for any bugs or issues that might impact the wider game playing world.

1. Assuming you have created a project, and created at least one level in the storyboard, you are ready to save your first EXE of your game
2. First ensure you are in the storyboard of your game project
3. On the right-side panel, select the "Save Standalone Game" button
4. You will see a panel popup description the process that is to follow
5. NOTE: We currently restrict what you can do with the EXE you produce, but this will be lifted as soon as we are happy your end users don't suffer needlessly with our bugs and performance issues.
6. We recommend ticking the "Open folder" box as this will allow you to run your Game EXE right away (you cannot run MAX and your game at the same time as two side by side executables).
7. Now click the SAVE TEST STANDALONE button and the process will begin
8. By default your standalone will be saved to a location inside your Documents folder, chosen as this is a common write friendly area for applications. You can of course change this location before pressing the button mentioned in step [7].
9. When complete, MAX will shut down (assuming you ticked the above box) and you will be presented with the folder containing your Game EXE.

Feel free to share your Game EXE as you see fit, and if you like, let us know in our issues board if your end users experience any issues. Such issues may arise as most of our testing has been focused on the main GameGuru MAX game maker and not the standalone games that it produces. The more information we get from this side, the more stable your games will be for your end user game players. Here is a link to the issues board:
GameGuru Classic will continue to be supported with bug fixes and functionality additions.

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