Work In Progress / Test Realm A Game Guru Max inspired Demo

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Posted: 7th Jan 2022 08:59 Edited at: 13th Jan 2022 10:17

Developed by 42Pixels

The story
The story? Well there is not a whole lot of that. The aim for "Test Realm" originally was to test out a custom waterfall sprite but as per ususal getting carried away I created an entire level in one afternoon just for funsies. So as of right now you spawn in trapped in the jungle and you have to figure out hoe to get out while fighting your way through a horde of zombies.

There is a key hidden and it unlocks a door... but does it let you finish the game? Well you will just have to find out!

Moving forward as it seemed to get more attention then I had anticipated I will expand on the game, there will be more to do in the level before you escape the canyon of doom and there will be a few little random nod's to some amazing GG and GGMax dev's and patrons alike.

If you have any suggestions on improvements both visually and game play related I am all ears so please feel free to speak up.

In game shots

In game footage

Home of 42Pixels

Please do not post links to demos created whilst Max is unreleased and not encrypted.

Contact Info
if you like what you see, have a sugestion, want to collaborate or just want to say hi! you can get in touch with me through the following.
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Great video, and nice to see a maker get carried away and created a whole game level around a single feature they were interested in It would be cool if this could be a demo level for the release of MAX EA in March! For some critique, you might have a play with the lighting to bring it down a touch, and then add some point and spotlights around to create more dramatic shadows for your set design. Scenes that seem to use a lot of 'flat ambient light' do not look as striking as ones with light and dark patches, and shadows to create a king of light-based depth to the visuals. Zombies are cool, and I hope to provide some more behaviors for you to add in the near future too. Thanks for sharing!
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