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Posted: 13th Nov 2021 12:50
Can I just ask? When GGM is finally released at the end of the month. Is it going to be a completely fresh install because I seem to have loads of models in my directory that I have tried to import from GG and now they just crash the game.

Or is there a simple way to get rid of them, because I did a complete re-install last night and they are still there?
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Posted: 13th Nov 2021 13:01
Just delete them if they are in you documents area.

Do a verify to clear any out of the main MAX files area.

If after that they are still causing issues put it on GitHub!
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Posted: 13th Nov 2021 13:02
If your talking about the ones in your Documents \ GameGuruApps folder then just delete it.
Max will make a new one on next time you launch.
If you want to keep them then just rename it to GameGuruApps2 ..
The same thing will happen .. It will make a new one and you will have a backup of the old
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