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Posted: 4th Jul 2021 21:49
Blocky Shooter

Developer: Solar

Storyline: Blocky Shooter is a little retro/boomer shooter where the point is to shoot all the baddies. That's it!!!

Description: This is just a little side project I am working on, to see how GG can be used to make a classic retro/boomer shooter, which is the latest craze nowadays. All the objects, enemies and weapons are very low poly and has a basic texture palate, which is cool to keep the framerate super low and performance very high.

The AI for the enemies are very simple and straight forward. There are basically two types of AI - one for the zombie type dudes (custom made melee AI) and a shooter AI for the robots (custom made shooter AI). Like in a true old school boomer shooter, they just come towards you and either shoot or melee you. No strings attached. If anybody is interested, I will make the two AI scripts available in the Script Forum in the next couple of days. Keep a look out for them and grab them there.


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