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Posted: 30th Jun 2021 14:09 Edited at: 30th Jun 2021 14:51
Hello beautiful people! So long! I have a problem with the rain box ... it no longer works in DX11? Is there an alternative for it?>>>>>> Problem solved ... you have to change the effect to decal_animate8.fx and it works !!!! Although I don't know how to remove the shadow from the rainbox ... Problem solved ... Cast shadow = -1.
Sorry to bother ... if I have found a solution in the forum ... but maybe it will help someone ...
I take this opportunity to greet you attentively from the southern cone!
The game is a serious thing (El juego es una cosa seria)


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Posted: 1st Jul 2021 05:54
There is also a particle system now that you can use. Just letting you know

Also thanks for sharing how you got your problem working when you did for future users

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