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Posted: 28th May 2021 11:22 Edited at: 28th May 2021 11:33
Link to Steam page:

Release Date: June 29, 2021

1.) Name of Game: Drop Blox

2.) Developer name: Nevin

3.) Storyline and/or description:

Drop Blox is a time management strategy game where colored Blox continuously drop into space. Quickly match the colored Blox with their person before they overflow out of bounds. Need a color on the bottom? Toss the other Blox out of your way! Or neatly stack them, your strategy is up to you! Happy Customer's are key to completing levels and moving on to more challenging tasks. But remember, the farther you get, the faster they fall!

-Minimalistic Level Design
-15 Levels Ranging in Difficulty
-Rainbow Blox Make Any Customer a Happy Customer
-White Blox Cannot Be Used and Fill Up Space
-Gray Blox Turn Other Blox Gray And Break To Pieces
-Heart Blox Give You Extra Lives


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Posted: 28th May 2021 13:53 Edited at: 28th May 2021 13:54
This looks really cool ! Awesome job man!
I will check it out on steam!

Edit: I just saw that youre the dev behind "make that money" wich I also own on steam, pretty cool ! big Respect for making something much different in gameguru We need more people like you!
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Posted: 28th May 2021 14:19
Wow Nevin, this looks really great!

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