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Posted: 13th May 2021 10:07
I just bought ganeguru today and am having a blast.

I just have one issue.

In game I find the cross hair to move a bit too fast when aiming.

Is there anyway to slow down the mouse sensitivity? I searched but haven't found an answer. All the forum posts seem to be 2017 or earlier.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted: 13th May 2021 14:31
Alright so I don't know if this is the right way to do it but what I found looking through the script files and other forum posts is that this is related to the gun in question.

So if you want to decrease the "mouse sensitivity" for looking left and right so you can be more precise with your shots you will have to change a value in the gunspec file for the gun you want to use.

If you were to use the magnum you would go to


Then you would find gunspec.txt

In that you will find the following values

zoomwalkspeed = 0.7
zoomturnspeed = 0.7
plrmovespeedmod = 1.0
plremptyspeedmod = 1.0
plrturnspeedmod = 1.0
plrjumpspeedmod = 1.0
plrreloadspeedmod = 0.5

These are the coefficients I believe is what you call them that the engine will multiply to come up with the final speed with which you turn.

The one you are interested in is


As you can see it is set to 1.0

I play with a really low setting in all my FPS games like CoD and CSGO

So, I set this value to 0.2

Then you have to reload the map or just restart GG. Now your turning with the gun will be slower.

You will have to do this with any and all guns. Hope it helps someone and saves them some time.

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Posted: 13th May 2021 19:58
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answered this in discord but will post it here for others in future.
open gameplayercontrol.lua

search for this part of code

change it to

now modify
ttturnspeedmodifier= 1.0
to make the player turn faster or slower (0.5 = 1/2 as quickly, 2 = twice as fast)
lua guide for GG
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