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Posted: 3rd May 2021 05:33
Hey, anybody know how to go about making a high score server for GG?
Maybe other achievements as per-game? Does it sound outrageous for GG?
Why would it? It can read and write to a simple text file-- and there is someone that if I'm not mistaken used AGC to create a game that has this feature- is there any more needed? Is this something the community would consider collaborating on cause wouldn't this one little feature certainly drive sales to any game with top score/ achievements?
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Posted: 5th May 2021 17:58
Achievements were bandied as an option at one point but didn't make it. It would certainly be a nice addition to have some sort of Steam integration in GG.
I don't think it is possible in Lua, you would need to be using the Steam API. But there may be some options on the Steam side possibly. I have never paid to upload a game on Steam so can't say for sure. I know AGK works ok with google apps for high scores and such. You can even use your own server if you want. But it has all the commands to connect in there.
Maybe with Max being developed alongside GG, that will introduce some Steam extras that will transfer to GG as well I definitely think it should have some support.
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