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Posted: 30th Apr 2021 11:57 Edited at: 30th Apr 2021 11:59
Not sure who may remember a clip I had shown a couple of years back. It was mainly showing a complete memory dump mid game. And while I was going I decided to have a look into a new menu layout/setup. Sadly it was shelved after the video.
So then I found all the backups on my external drive 2019 build. Lots had not been fine tuned, buttons were place holders, menu background was taken from an old map dx9.
Hoping to re visit and work out what I was heading towards, I believe it was player select, option selections or something. The problem is, I am currently at a loss on fine tuning the framework due to when I first started, though if I progress more, I will share some things.

*Also please keep in mind this is running on a boot file and should not be replicated unless you have knowledge in this area.
Left it in so the process could be shown. Oh and yes I somehow duplicated the LOW button image art

Custom boot, updated load, animated background, graphic/audio adjustments + what ever else can be thought of.
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Posted: 2nd May 2021 09:17 Edited at: 2nd May 2021 09:17
Quote: "Oh and yes I somehow duplicated the LOW button image art"

I thought that was an intentional and subtle dig

So is that an animated background? (i.e. a video or image sequence) or is it an actual level with buttons over it? (a la Half Life 2)

Also, +1 for Shingo Nakamura


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