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Posted: 22nd Apr 2021 09:31

I've read in the EBE pdf manual that it's possible to link entities to an EBE prefab.
It works well and it's great.

The EBE pdf manual says that we should save the whole EBE prefab and entities linked as a map.
But when we save the prefab, it doesn't save the linked entities.
The pdf manual says that we should name this map in relation with the name of the prefab. Example: B_LouisiannaBuidling.fpm

Does that mean that we can re-use the prefab and the map in another map? Like a complete object ready to load and position in the new game map?

My goal would be to have a library of prefab including the linked entities, that I could re-use in a game map.

How could I manage that, (if it's possible) ?

Thank you for the help.

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