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Hi All,

Find below the recording of the live broadcast from today on our YouTube channel. The great news is that we hit 8000 subscribers which is pretty cool, and a big thank you to everyone who clicked that button! Here is your recording:

And here too are the answers to the questions I could not get to during the live chat:

Q> Just asking but does anyone realize optimization of art to size of the map will make sale increase because of the factor of ease?
A> When you import your own models, ensure your polygon counts and texture sizes are appropriate for the level, so for example importing a million polygon chair for your room is not a good idea.

Q> How i download game guru max?
A> You can pre-order it from here:

Q> On the Steam page of Max there are one note that says, we will be in pre-order less 12 months, Any thoughts?
A> There is no release date for GameGuru MAX. Steam dates are placed there as Steam require all developers to state a date.

Q> When will we be able to make and import our own character maker parts?
A> You can do so right away if you know the technical requirements. We will be adding a chapter in the user guide to explain how to do this step by step if you are not familiar with how GameGuru MAX stores and prepares the character creator parts.

Q> ‚ÄčIs there any Cutscene Maker in MAX?
A> There are no plans to create a cutscene maker in GameGuru MAX.

Q> When applying textures to multi mesh models in the importer, is it possible to have each part of the mesh be highlighted when selected so it's clear what part of the texture will be applied?
A> That is a nice idea, please add it as a GitHib Issues Board feature request so we do not lose the suggestion.

Q> Is there any possibility in the future to add in the editor, "third person", and a way to import the heightmaps? (not in the near future) but when the product works fine for all users...?
A> There are no plans to add "third person" to GameGuru MAX, and there are no plans to allow the importing of heightmaps for the purposes of generating terrain at this time.

Q> ‚ÄčIs there mobile support?
A> There are no plans to support any platform other than Windows 10 and above.

Q> Any chance that isimmobile = 0 means that the Dynamic entity can move when you press a key, and not that the entity can start the level in midair?
A> This flag simply controls whether a dynamic object has the power to be repositioned. Setting it to 1 ensures it will always stay where it was originally placed in the level, and useful for things like ammo and weapons sitting on a static table.

Q> Any news about the cellar demo?
A> Until we have improved the Structure Editor, there will be no further public releases of Cellar Demo updates. The Cellar Demo relies on the current EBE framework to create the floors, walls and ceilings of the interior, and we are looking to improve its basic functionality to make it easier for more users to create structures easily and quickly.

Q> What is the stage of waterfalls?
A> There are no plans to add a waterfall generator in GameGuru MAX. You will be able to import a model and apply effects to recreate the impression of a waterfall in your game levels, but you will need some technical art skills to integrate them into the terrain from your chosen 3D modeler and art package.

Q> Is GameGuru Classic will have more updates?
A> We release GameGuru Classic Updates four times a year. The next one is scheduled for June 2021.

Q> Will you be able to create character in-game as the protagonist.. like a character creator for role-playing?
A> There are no plans to allow game players to create characters from within the game itself. The Character Creator is only available to the author of the game using GameGuru MAX. It would be possible to allow some character choices in-game, but this would require some aggressive scripting to create. Not impossible, but certainly not something you would get out of the box for V1.

Thanks for all your questions, look forward to answering more next week, Wednesday 4 PM GMT on our YouTube channel
GameGuru Classic will continue to be supported with bug fixes and functionality additions.

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