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Posted: 12th Apr 2021 18:19
Amazing performance! Sweet AI - What do you think?
Will we get this in MAX?
I got the v1 when it was free, played a couple times.

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Posted: 20th Apr 2021 12:37
i think those soldiers need better aim
lua guide for GG
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Posted: 21st Apr 2021 13:28
Bullet tracers and lights for muzzle flashes, so unrealistic lol
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Posted: 23rd Apr 2021 17:08
A bit stressing game for me, anyway the IA is well done, it looks like handling the control over those millions of chars very well.
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Posted: 24th Apr 2021 15:35 Edited at: 25th Apr 2021 09:28
Quote: "Bullet tracers and lights for muzzle flashes"

This at least has some form of bullet tracers. GG/reloaded/fpsc never made it that far..
Hopefully MAX will have it sooner than later.
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