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Joined: 11th Apr 2021
Posted: 11th Apr 2021 09:58
Hi, I have just got a new system, professionally built and configured, this wasn't cheep lol
Full glass case

Asus ROC Strix X570-F motherboard
AMD Ryzen 5800x
AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT 12gb card
Corsair vengeance PRO 3600hz 2 x 16gb ram (32gb)
All RGB and running on iCUE, properly configured and running/ cooling as it should
Also running with Adrenalin setup, also ram is properly configured for 3600mhz
1x M2 1TB boot windows 10 pro
1x M2 4TB game storage drive
VR Oculas rift S
running on 34" Gigabyte G34WQC Gaming Monitor, VA, 3440x1440, 144Hz, 1ms, FreeSync,
set at 1440p 144hz.

Im getting very poor FPS, the worst was 15fps, best was 110fps, seems average is 30pfs. This should be running at 144fps

compared to my old system,
i7 3rd gen
asrock z77 perf board
32gb 2333 ram (x4 8gb)
geforce gtx 1060 6gb
with old sata 2tb hd
with 250gb ssd boot
same win 10 on same monitor 1440p
maxed out settings I was still getting a steady 30 fps on this old system, playing the same game on the new I was only getting 15fps

Can anyone help on getting the new rig running as it should?

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Joined: 14th Jan 2019
Posted: 12th Apr 2021 18:11
Your monitor is bigger than the 31" tv I got plugged in.

"playing the same game on the new I was only getting 15fps"

Which game might that be? And for sure, the graphics card is
activated? This might be a better Google question/ Tech forums...
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Joined: 11th Apr 2021
Posted: 12th Apr 2021 20:04
game was Arma 3, on full settings it was only 15fps on this 34" at 1440p, yet on the old pc very much out of date, on same settings for game video, I was getting a steady 30fps even on the 34".

yes the card is properly set up and activated, the motherboard doent have a dedicated card.

Even on some of the older games I have im still getting poor fps compared to the NVIDIA 1060

Ive done a bench test with Adrenalin on full, the cpu only runs at a max of 30% of the processor power. The graphics card, yet more ram than I need (maxed out the ram used is 8gb out of the 12gb) yet the card GPU is running at 100%, compaired to the old card that was running at 90% though understandable with 2k running, with the old TV I was using on 1060p nvidia was only opperating at 75% of maximum output. (no cards are over clocked)
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Posted: 15th Apr 2021 19:42
Take it back to where it was built and ask them why it is running slow. If it's new, just say that it is not fit for purpose and needs sorting out.
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Posted: 17th Apr 2021 09:08
First impression:

1 - (new) Bios update for 5800X needed?
2 - Chipset drivers MOBO (Asus ROG Strix X570-F) needed?
3 - Check Bios/Uefi settings.. esp for CPU/all cores/hyperthreading/etc..
4 - Ram modules in the right slots? Single/Dual channel (check mobo booklet)
5 - If available - XMP (ram) enabled?
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