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Hey everyone, I am very new to creating games in Game Guru and I just cant seem to import any weapon models. I am trying to create a PS1 type horror game and to do that I need to upload many models like weapons, zombies and others. I have searched everywhere to find how to do this but either all of the forums are older or the sources that they are linking are broken (privated YT videos). The model that im trying to install is this one: I get to the step in the photo that I attached, where I import the FBX file from the folder, but then I dont know what to do. I have done absoluetely everything but nothing works or I just cant find the options they are talking about. I would appreciate some help. Thank you!

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You don't import weapons.

Weapons are done differently, you have to rig them with bones and animations, then convert them to the correct format, write the control scripts like gun spec etc. (you could probably just copy existing ones from the free assets and put them in with your weapon) then copy all that into a folder in your files/gamecore/guns folder, that's just so it can be displayed on your character, this is all stuff you do outside of the editor with other software.

You will also need to create a physical model to place in the world to pick up, which you do by taking a separate copy of the model and textures and use the normal importer and import the gun and add the weapon.lua script to it for the pickup weapon

It's a pain in the neck to do, and quite an advanced topic, I'm pretty with it when it comes to getting models into gameguru, but adding weapons is something i won't go near.
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