Virtual Reality / Facebook Occulus Quest...?

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Posted: 15th Dec 2020 22:38 Edited at: 15th Dec 2020 22:47
I was recently gifted a better computer from a very thoughtful individual...
It *might* run a VR headset, and Occulus Q2 seemed like a pretty good
bargain from reviews online. Computer has a 1650 (yeah I know that even going
to a 1660ti would have been more viable). BUT then there's this investigation
going on, and I'm wondering what issues will become of that VR device when
the FB strong arming owners into their social site- and stuff like that?
So Occulus is all out of stock for the foreseeable time, and IDK what's up?!

Also, I see videos that accounts are deleted and devices are deactivated by
Facebook for certain strange reasons...
Anyone know? // video (start at about 3:30 )
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Posted: 15th Dec 2020 23:15
Here's another article. This doesn't make it sound good.
I might have to put a strong oppose to FBOQ2 until they
can straighten out their act. And this was going to be a
Christmas gift to my son
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Posted: 16th Dec 2020 02:18
Quote: "Also, I see videos that accounts are deleted and devices are deactivated by
Facebook for certain strange reasons..."

There are a lot of things like this going around , Most exagerated.
Since Oculus now requires you to connect to a FaceBook Account there have been a lot of users creating fake ones.
Those or Duplicates will get banned.
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Posted: 16th Dec 2020 15:34
Thanks synchromesh. That FB policy sounds odd.

I guess Facebook is just for kids mostly anyhow-- and FB
probably assumes only kids are going to operate VR devices?
Anyhow, since I hear that Q2 is out of stock- that makes it
pretty easy; wait and see! -- or pursue options

My son has this thing where he wants to play Half Life Alyx,
so that was the only purpose of getting one. Just not yet!
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Posted: 19th Dec 2020 21:31 Edited at: 19th Dec 2020 21:47
why would facebook assume kids are using facebook? they can see who is using it... and it's not kids, facebook is past it's prime by far, if anything i would say the way they are trying to strong arm people into tying VR into facebook is an attempt to refresh a userbase that isn't keeping up with the newer trends of social media
as for the stories on the news - basically facebook want all your data so they can see what you are doing and sell you more stuff or sell that data to other companies for more money - it's nothing new but they have a very large VR audience so it's making waves (germany and america are both currently trying to sue facebook for monopolizing the VR market by buying out competitors and other such things), if you try to fake your data it's not worth any money to them so they will ban you.

i own a quest and while i like the quest and think it's a great headset for wireless VR i don't recommend it if your only intention is to play a wired (PC) VR game unless you know you can get good 5ghz wifi as the quest is not designed for wired VR it is not very good at it (the cable is only really meant to charging and will come out all the time etc)

P.S. steam / valve have a demo you can run to see if your PC is "VR ready" which you can run without a VR headset - though it's only a guideline and of course each game has it's own requirements you will at least know if your PC can handle some VR and also you should check out canyourunit to see if your PC is up to spec for nearly any game
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Posted: 1st Jan 2021 16:51 Edited at: 1st Jan 2021 17:53
Quote: "Since Oculus now requires you to connect to a FaceBook Account "

That is pretty much all they have, and its not much against his financial resources considering the corruption of politics.

I'm betting this is just a slap on the hand if the right palms get greased, because that requirement is nothing more than the crap they gave Bill about IE being packaged with Windblows.

Look at the way Apple requires developers to use their hardware to develop software for their stores.

Not much difference, and Facebook is doing nothing worse than they have done and are still doing, so he is not going to be shut down, FB or Occulus in my prediction.

The real concern is not monopolization of a VR industry, but rather the data mining.

The virtual reality data from FPS games can be used for real life military purposes. (the US and Germany are all too aware of the threat)

Disarm the humans, then unleash the bots.

Think Terminator/Elysium Police (but wheeled units not legged for the first gen stuff) not only with the mechanical advantages of the steel and hydraulics, but programmed with the tactical battle data from the best VR FPS players in the world.

Welcome to the 21st year of the 21st century!

It's a beautiful time to be alive! (enjoy it while you still can, so get your game on)

My VR plan as a player for this new historic year is...
1) get an Occulus Quest 2
2) dominate the FPS genre with it
3) Have my battle data used for a bot army
4) Control the human population to prevent Earth's destruction

That is the plan... (at this theory) mwuhahahahaha!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...

5) Develop a double burst weapon for use against bots to be the last human survivor of the bot wars.
(first burst -grenade launch to blow apart any lead shielding, second burst - Low level Electro-Magnetic-Pulse (EMP) to disable the unit(s) in that area)

Whew, don't want to forget that one.

FB & OQ2 are the sources of the data... who in the world is the recipient?

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