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Posted: 12th Dec 2020 04:17
Cool! Thank you!
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Posted: 13th Dec 2020 12:57
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Posted: 20th Dec 2020 17:12
One quick question .... if i use this and i download the skybox, how do i get it to work?
I am a total noob when it comes to these things.
i end up with seven files and i dont know how to get them to work with GG
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Posted: 21st Dec 2020 12:35 Edited at: 22nd Dec 2020 21:54
Do this:
Download the sky you created with the OP link.

Download this skybox folder I created for use with the GG
Copy all the texture files for your sky except the Cube one to the skybox folder.

Rename them as follows:
back = tyro_B
front = tyro_F
left = tyro_L
right = tyro_R
top = tyro_U
bottom = tyro_D

Plonk your new sky in the GG skybank.
You can name the skybox anything you like - Just rename the Folder and make sure the X file is named the same.
Example: Folder = myskybox - X file in the folder = myskybox

Please note you will have to edit the skyspec 'sunrotation' so shadows fall correctly if required. (you can do that while gg is running)
Just put a tree or a pole in the level to cast a shadow.
- Open the skypec in notepad and change the sunrotation to value between 0 and 360.
- Change the value until the sun in the sky is in right position for casting the shadow.
- Edit the value, run level - Exit, edit, run - repeat till you get it right

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Posted: 9th Jan 2021 21:16 Edited at: 9th Jan 2021 21:21
Wonderful share

Yeah I just renamed one of my existing skybanks with the new files. The directional words used are a bit different but it's easy to convert and quickly try out a different skybank.

To make it look decent, what I had to do it turn off the tiny stars and only include the big stars. The tiny stars are simply too small and moving the camera renders different batches of the stars each time, maybe since the render resolution is so low and only a few stars make it through the derezzing? I don't know, but it looked strange.

So yeah - I turned off the nebula and sun, and tiny stars, and you end up with a nice starry sky. Similar to the default Dark skybox.

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