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Posted: 8th Dec 2020 04:24 Edited at: 25th Dec 2020 02:49
Christmas Present Hunt 2020

chromatic3d (M.T. Pollard)

Xmas sandbox with treasure hunt, fishing(thanks smallg), snowball shooting gallery, and bowling.

Also has boat and balloon rides.

Runs well on my i7 and 1050 ti barely runs on the two low end laptops I have so I don't know how it will run other systems . I could use feedback on what reasonable minimum specs for GG games. The map is pretty empty (too big) to me but I didn't want to add too much.

Turn the volume down as the music is too loud.
Press m for info in game. O and P will teleport you to and from castle.
press b for bear hunt link

This game would not be possible without the kindness of people on this forum. So thank you for everyone who have helped me and others with GG.

I was thinking it would be nice to release it for free this xmas with covid going on. Maybe rework it again for next year and sell for charity. Any ideas or suggestions for more games or anything are very welcome.

Happy Holidays


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