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C.J. Cuypers
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Posted: 5th Dec 2020 22:51 Edited at: 5th Dec 2020 22:52

This game is a puzzle game that involves key hunting, switch, hunting, and navigating mazes. No guns, no fighting. Just solving puzzles. The idea of the story is you are a scientist that has volunteered to preform "The Tower Experiment". Each level of the tower gets progressively harder and each floor changes slightly with what objectives you have to do. This demo includes the prologue and first level. Please leave feedback!
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Posted: 11th Dec 2020 01:45 Edited at: 11th Dec 2020 01:47
It was interesting. Very basic, but I see the idea you are going for. If you could find a way to make more levels, and make them very different from each other and keep it interesting with some sort of story it could work.
The long hallway at the start was my least favorite part. No contextual reason to have like an alien child just chillin in the corner you know? Felt very asset flippy. You need more custom assets that go with the game. Rather than force assets into your scene just for no other reason than to have more assets.
But near the end of the hallway, when you can look up and see the whole "tower" that part was really cool.
The puzzles weren't to hard I liked the progression of each floor then having every problem in the final puzzle. The level design could use a little more detail, it felt really cramped, and honestly felt like you just made the game in a couple hours. I know that it took longer than that, probably a couple hours just to do the voice acting, but as a player that is what it felt like.

I thought the floating drone talking to you was a neat addition although, it was a little annoying when it would block your path.

I also hated the music that played during the puzzle solving. I felt like it should be something a little more sci-fi sounding. Maybe more ambient and less of that loopy midevil sound.

Some bugs I found:
The door in the very first room you wake up in bugged out and closed immediately after opening then took a long time to reopen.
Audio clips, like people talking can overlap with each other and with the robot talking.
You can press some switches through the wall behind where they are located.
Not sure if the arrow decals were suppose to have collision on or not but you can get stuck on them.

I would say this game is very far from being something that is able to be released as a full game. If the only gameplay is going to be pressing switches and finding keys you are going to have a big problem after a while.
And in my opinion I would remove the scientist models and either replace them with better scientist models that have lip sync animation or make them robots or something.

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