Easy Building Editor / Parts of my structure are dissapearing!!! And other problems

Mike Schlueter
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Posted: 21st Nov 2020 17:46
Hi so i went through the list and found Sar1’s post about the same issue I’m having (and the lack of a response forbodes a forlorned hope), but in trying to figure it out i was wondering if there was limit on how many “cubes” can be in a single site? Or has this been solved?

Also on that note i cant load new textures. Thats more of a error on my part, i went to load one of the textures from the terrain editor and it crashed on me and since then anytime i go to change a texture in ebe (mind you i’ve only tried in that same save file) game guru just shuts down.

In writing this, I’ve thought of afew things that imma gonna try and I’ll post the results of that, but if anyone else has had this problem and/or knows how to fix it that would be sweet.

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