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Posted: 24th Oct 2020 13:15 Edited at: 24th Oct 2020 23:18
Hi. I'm new to this forum. I hope the thread is in the right section, but I have a question if there are any modelpacks and can you download them related to:
1) the Vietnam War
2) the war in the Pacific in World War II
3) British / US / Russian soldiers models to make them our in-game squad?
4) more weapons from WWII
5) vehicles into which you can get on and shoot, e.g. tanks, jeeps
6) or even the ability to fire flak 88 or nebelwerfer guns at tanks and other vehicles
Are there download links for such things?

I am asking because when I was working with FPS Creator a few years ago I started planning a series of FPS games, something like Call Of Duty or Medal Of Honor
The original name of the series was to be: Chronicles of Soldier. The game was supposed to be in 6 parts. I mean 6 games, of which later some additions in the form of expansion pack, something like that
1) American campaign
2) British campaign
3) Soviet campaign
4) the American campaign in the war in the Pacific
5) Polish campaign
6) Vietnam War

Now you will probably ask why the Polish campaign?
I'm Polish. I come from Włocławek. And there are very few games about Poles during World War II, such as Uprising 44, Enemy Front or Land Of War, which is to be released in 2021.
A total of 3 of which Enemy Front and Uprising are the Warsaw Uprising. A Land Of War is to have the September 1939 campaign. Call Of Duty 3, on the other hand, has a Polish campaign of only 3 or 4 missions related to the Battle of Falaise. And now the question is whether there are such modelpacks for download, and if they are not, why have they not been made? I care about them because I fell in love with FPS Creator and now the new Gameguru.

And I want to create a multi-level series of games on the theme of World War II based on Medal of honor and call of duty enough to be playable and for me to share with my friends and others. And in the future, create a collection of these games in one box or even divide one part into 2 discs or so that it would be like popular series with a product key, for example.

I am asking for an answer on this matter in this thread.
Thank you
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Posted: 24th Oct 2020 23:44

Well, generally speaking the truth is that you can indeed make such a game. However, there will be very little pre-made content for you to choose from. This means that you will have to make this kind of media yourself. GG does certain things for you to make things easier. A camera controller, diverse weapon variables for your guns, basic system related things like a main menu, health, save/load feature and so on... but you seem to look out for more advanced features out of the box that are simply not available.

There is a lot of user made content on the TGC store : LINK
BUT you will have to make everything else you would like to see in your game yourself. Feel free to post here for any questions.
Just keep in mind that there are not conclusive packs to just drag and drop into your editor and make the game for you, a lot of model and script work goes into a game you wish to make. As a rule of thumb, you will end up making 70% of your game outside of the game guru interface if you choose to use it. Especially:

Quote: "5) vehicles into which you can get on and shoot, e.g. tanks, jeeps
6) or even the ability to fire flak 88 or nebelwerfer guns at tanks and other vehicles"

This is technically possible but you will need to script, model, rig and animate it entirely yourself (with the assistance of the community once you have done the ground work).

Best luck!


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Posted: 25th Oct 2020 06:44
The thing with gameguru, and any game engine really, is they have to cater for the broadest customer base possible, this means models supplied will mostly be more generic.

There's no point making a model pack for a spefific game because they wouldn't sell enough to cover costs.

What you are asking for is a very specific and specialized type of model, designed around very specific time period and cultures, so you will need to either make, commission or source them for yourself, then convert them for use in gameguru.

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Posted: 6th Nov 2020 15:17
Sorry for not responding for a few days ... but I tried my hand at creating, or rather learning to use, Gameguru.
So as you can see, in order to do such things you have to play with scripts etc. Well, I understand. Thanks for the clarification. After all, there are some limitations in every program.
I will create one more thread, but with questions from a novice user of this program. Because I also want to ask you something, and there is a lot of it. It is known to be a slightly different program than FPS Creator. There are certainly some differences. I will ask these questions in a different beginner thread because it's not that I'm stupid or anything. Just a new program, new stuff. And I want at least the game or series that I have planned for it to be as successful as possible. So that all weapons from the FPS Creator pack of WWII weapons are fully functional, etc. And with your help, I would also like to solve problems etc.
Hope I can count on your help in all my threads.
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Posted: 13th Dec 2020 16:58
Sounds like you are loyal and dedicated to GG.
Nobody else here will tell you this:
You need to worry less about getting models and the details of your campaigns and
MORE about the capability of the engine you decide to work with.

I feel like you are at the base of an immense mountain looking up in awe at the climb.
Sure, keep trucking on with classic, but only when (if) MAX or something else comes
out will these projects with the features you mention be viable. Gut- feeling.
One of the biggest drawbacks is the 32 bit memory cap. Look at released GG games to
get an idea of how they are received from the general gaming populace. As much as it
seems like GG is the answer, for a one man team with no scripting or modeling
experience, it starts you at the same spot as the robust tools, but with a weaker set.
I barely know scripting and don't know modeling whatsoever, but with a lot of tinkering
I manage to get some kind of scripts going, and purchase models. I have been in GG for
around two years, with thousands of hours crunching in the GG kitchen. But I haven't
baked that great feast- or even a good cake yet! Do I want to-- ABSOLUTELY!

The only simple fact is that the UI is much easier to glance at and recognize, and there
are indeed ready to employ weapons in GG. That's the #1 advantage to GG.
The AI is minimal, the visuals can be pretty good with effort, so happy game making!
(simple, free advice.) Don't drop the project because GG is a good first learning portal.
Keep it up, and port over when GG TRANSFORMER finally transforms!

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